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We provide a veriety of training services in the areas of telecom technology, service provider operations, best practices, costs, invoices and contracts.

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Send money from the convenience of your computer to friends and family all over the world.

Meeral Telecommunications

Satellite Internet Service Meeral Telecommunications was founded on a simple idea: provide small to large-sized businesses first-rate telecom services with dedicated customer service, all at a competitive price. Meeral Telecommunications provides all of its customers' access to worldwide Internet via superior broadband services with our most advanced and reliable telecommunications network in the world. Meeral Telecom Intelligent Network is constantly enhanced, upgraded and monitored for excellence, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that all of your important calls and data will get through.
Meeral Telecommunications is providing a wide variety of solutions and platforms from DVB-SCPC to TDMA hardware to insure multiple solutions and options to our customers such as SCPC VSAT satellite modems, iDirect, Linkstar, BGAN and many other solutions. We have space segment over many satellites such as Eutelsat W3A, W5, W6, Sesat2, NSS satellites, NSS6, NSS7, Telstar T12, RSCC, AM1, AMC12, AM22, Hellas Sat, Eurosat and many others. By this our goal is wherever the customer earth station is, they will be always capable of communicating whether they are in Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East or Far East in Asia. Read more...
Telephony and VoIP Offers telecommunications sales and support to companies worldwide. Solutions range from office Phone systems to high-end call centers and include IP Telephony, voice messaging and voice and data integration. Their highly skilled team of professionals makes Meeral an ideal communications partner, regardless of your company size. Meeral can deliver the complete solution, from planning and implementation, to training and on-going service. Check out our amazing rates here.
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